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Preparation of concrete works

Well-planned works are already half completed, and concrete casts always require careful preparations.

Betonipumppaus Laatikainen is a full-service concrete works professional at your service.

We thoroughly carry out the preparations of concrete works, up to the grinding after casting. With good planning, the different work stages progress effortlessly, the work quality remains high, and no unpleasant surprises occur in costs. Therefore, it is worth turning to an expert for assistance already during the planning phase.

BPL is also happy to help in selecting suitable concrete. Read more about concrete sales

Small and large preparation works despite the size 

BPL carries out the following preparations with expertise and always according to the schedule:

  • Gravel levelling
  • Insulation
  • Reinforcement
  • Installation of seam strips at the edges of casts

In addition to preparations, we grind, polish and carry out the final cleaning of concrete works.

Read more about concrete floors

Please submit a contact request and let the professionals carry out the work on your behalf!

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