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A concrete floor can withstand both impact and appreciating looks

Betonipumppaus Laatikainen offer many types of concrete floor cast works, for indoors and outdoors. In addition to being durable, a pleasant and high-quality concrete floor is also a timeless and visually an impressive solution. The aesthetics of this type of floor is flawless and is a vision of beauty. Therefore the floors we offer, is always a great solution for what you are looking for.

BPL offers high-quality flooring solutions for various spaces and purposes regardless of the specification level and criteria. We accommodate for all and can offer solutions for any project size. We can do all common concrete floor casts and demanding structural casts with skill and expertise.

We do careful floor casts at various sites in particular; apartment buildings, office spaces, educational institutes, and industrial and production facilities.

Some examples of our floors we offer:

  • On-grade floors
  • Vault casts
  • Chipped and polished floors
  • Designer floors
  • Surface floors

Concrete flooring expert with years of experience

When casting a concrete floor, it is a good idea to contact a professional as early as in the design stage. In addition to the purpose and type of the concrete floor, concrete quality, reinforcements, cast thicknesses, and cast finishing needs to be considered. We design customised and functional solutions with experience, whilst listening to our customers and giving them exactly what they need and want but also consulting them along the way.

We also do repair works on heavily stressed concrete. We offer the service of patching and sanding works. This could be a great additional add-on service if needed. We are always happy to help and accommodate. We are known for this service across Finland.

The floor casting team employed by Betonipumppaus Laatikainen includes industry professionals who have plenty of knowledge about work sites of all types and sizes. Thanks to our skill and heavy equipment, we can complete any floor casting as agreed and on time and schedule.

We are available nearly 24/7. Betonipumppaus Laatikainen can send floor casting professionals to help you on short notice – regardless of whether you are near of far away. We are flexible in the way we work, we prioritise our customer’s and their needs. Whatever works for them, works for us.

Polishing of concrete floors

BPL also professionally carries out the work after the casting of concrete floors. When concrete floors dry, the concrete forms imperfections and inconsistencies, which are mechanically ground away. The grinding of concrete floors also ensures that the surface treatment fixes to the concrete. This also speeds up the concrete drying process.

By grinding the concrete surface several times, the concrete structure is brought out better. The depth of grinding the concrete floors is always planned according to the floor’s intended use.

The concrete floor can be left matte, or it can be polished. A concrete floor, which is ground and polished, is a rather impressive and practical solution. The floor is highly durable, and it is affordable to implement. Betonipumppaus Laatikainen has several years of experience in concrete floor casting, from preparations to final polishing.  Read more about preparations.

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