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Our fleet includes:

  • Concrete pump trucks with boom length 24–62 metres
  • Transport pump trucks with boom length 32–33 metres
  • Concrete transport trucks
  • Vertical jointing pump
  • Boom pump

All pump types include extra hoses which significantly increase their reach. The need for hoses and any other extra accessories must be announced when making an order.

Concrete pump trucks

Boom length 62 m

Boom length 56 m

Boom length 49 m

Boom length 47 m

Boom length 42 m

Boom length 38 m

Boom length 36 m

Boom length 31 m

Boom length 24 m

Transport pump trucks

Boom length 32 m
Transport volume 4 m3

Boom length 33 m
Transport volume 4 m3

Concrete transport trucks

Transport volume 9 m3

Vertical jointing pump

To be updated soon

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