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Laatikainen – from one man and a truck to one of the best known in the industry


The story of Betonipumppaus Laatikainen kicked off in 1997 boosted by a major construction upswing. Seppo Laatikainen decided to leave a dusty local pile factory and jump on a pump truck, and he founded Betonipumppaus Laatikainen Oy.

Pumping concrete with a strong focus on adjusting to customer needs continued until 2004 when two friends got together as Seppo hired Juuso Siitonen to drive another concrete pump truck for him.

Juuso fulfilled his promises of hard work and soon proved his value to Seppo and the company. As the operations grew, in 2007 Juuso was unanimously given the opportunity become a partner in the company.

The cause and effect of our growth are our values: reliability, availability, expertise, customer focus and flexible services. Based on the customers’ wishes, the operations grew from pumping concrete to transporting concrete, extending the volume of both fleet and staff. After this the services were further widened to include concrete floor contracts and preliminary works for casting and pouring. Soon after we expanded our operations to support jointing, boom pumping and earthworks.

Laatikainen now employs close to 50 professionals. For our operations, we have chosen a central location for the Finnish construction market in the industrial district of Karhunkorpi in Nurmijärvi.

In 2020, Betonipumppaus Laatikainen became the BPL Group. Its subsidiaries are Betoni Laatikainen Oy, Lattia Laatikainen Oy and Laatikainen Infra Oy. Each company is in charge of its own personnel, services and products. The incorporation of our service areas enables flexible, customer-focused and accessible services to which our customers are used. Larger projects and contracts continue to be taken care of by Betonipumppaus Laatikainen. Becoming a group of companies allows us to keep up with the development on the market and to meet the needs of our customers with increasingly better service. Moreover, nothing can stop us from entering a larger sector of services in the future.

Thanks to our vast network of cooperative partners, we can offer concrete casting and pouring to a project of any size.

By using our joint phone number you can order the concrete, transport, pumping and skilled workers for casting and pouring all at once. Any of these services can be bought as a combined package or separately.

Our fleet covers everything from a small concrete channel truck to a 62-metre concrete pump truck.

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