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Services for commercial and residential projects

Our companies’ services include concrete pumping, concrete transport, concrete floors, concrete jointing, and truck-mounted concrete pumping. We support our overall service offering with various preliminary tasks and earthworks.

Our flexible professional services are available to construction sites of all sizes – from private residential projects to major construction companies.

Betonipumppaus Laatikainen Oy was founded in 1997. Our facilities and offices are located in the Karhunkorpi industrial district of Nurmijärvi, Finland. In 2020, we became the BPL Group. The group’s companies now employ close to 50 professionals.

We have been in the business for more than 20 years, which is why we have an extensive network of partners to offer. Our staff possesses solid knowhow to complete concrete works.

We have extensive and modern equipment with plenty of capacity. Our fleet includes concrete pump trucks with boom length from 31 to 62 m, transport pump trucks with boom length from 31 to 32 m, and an comprehensive selection of concrete transport trucks.


Betoni Laatikainen Oy

Betoni Laatikainen is in charge of concrete sales and transport. We mainly cover southern Finland but can provide contract work all over the country.

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Lattia Laatikainen Oy

Lattia Laatikainen provides preliminary concrete works, concrete shuttering and pouring and casting. We deliver all types of casting and pouring to any required standard.

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Laatikainen Infra Oy

Laatikainen Infra provides earthworks and groundworks from small to major projects, from building foundations to finishing yard work.

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